Surprise Lake Camp


Kitchen & Dining Hall

The kitchen has a pantry, walk-in cooler, freezer and an industrial gas stove. There is, of course, running water and the dining hall seats up to 80.


There are five different cabins. Each has 6 to 8 built-in bunk beds with clean vinyl-covered foam mattresses. All have electricity.


Sang lake is a waterfowl sanctuary. It is wonderful for canoeing and kayaking. We have a small sandy beach with a dock that provides a front row seat to the life of the lake.

Rec Hall & Office

The rec hall is the kitchen/dining hall from ages past. It is a gathering space for inclement weather, and craft or workshop activities. The attached former office provides a more intimate gathering place for smaller groups.


There is plenty of space for tents and a few self-contained RVs. There is a sani-dump station at the nearby Hwy rest stop.

Flush Toilets

Washroom facilities are located at a central location.