From its earliest days, Surprise Lake Camp was built by volunteers; they are vital to our existence.

Volunteers are the glue that hold  society together with their belief and dedication  of time and resources to what they believe to be good and necessary.

Volunteer opportunities include:

  • painting
  • construction
  • fundraising
  • photography
  • music and art

If there is something here that stirs your soul, contact us at 780-974-9557 or email us:   hello@surpriselake.ca

Our vision: A fully viable facility where people can come and connect with nature, with others, and with one’s self.

  • Operating the camp as a rental facility. Organizations including service groups schools, scouts, cadets, musical and artistic groups can facilitate their own activities in a beautiful and natural setting.
  • Collaborating with community groups in the ongoing operation and maintenance of Surprise Lake Camp.
  • Promoting the value and importance of education and stewardship of our environment.
  • Promoting community building and volunteerism

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