Policies & Procedures

A walk-through of the Facility to observe current condition and to establish usage will take place before the full party of the Renter arrives. A walk-through before the renter leaves the Facility will occur to assess any cleaning charges or review of applicable damages. The following checklist must be completed:


  • All garbage removed from buildings and grounds, sorted and put in appropriate receptacles.

  • Building floors swept. Kitchen and dining hall must also be mopped (when applicable)

  • Gas stove clean and grease trap emptied  (when applicable)

  • All items belonging to the Renter removed from grounds and buildings. Any remaining “lost and found” items not removed upon leaving will be disposed of in an appropriate manner.  

  • All contents removed from fridge, freezer and pantry (when applicable)

  • Mattresses bleached and stood on sides

  • Keys returned